We Communicate. ’re Committed. Care.  Build Communities. Celebrate.

At Kadel Labs we practice an employee-centric culture and create an environment where ideas, creativity, free-flowing communication and innovation is encouraged.

Our employees are our assets!

We also make our employees feel safe to ensure productivity and performance at every level. At Kadel Labs we believe in building connections within the team, as well as boost a secure sense of identity at work through various team building activities.

We make employees feel valued, respected and always find ways of offering growth opportunities within the company.

@Kadel Labs, We Believe!

@Kadel Labs,
We Believe!

In Employee - Centric

We create an environment where thoughts, creativity and free-flowing communication and innovation are stimulated.

That Happiness Creates Productivity

Happiness increases productivity & leads to higher engagement! Happy employees pay more attention to the needs of company & clients.

In Encouraging Employee Ideas

We give employees complete freedom to offer ideas. And similarly, give employees the authority to try new ways to do their jobs better.

Benefits @Kadel Labs

Hybrid & Remote Work

Employees may choose to go remote if their job profile permits the same. At Kadel Labs, we follow the latest trends and ensure employee have the flexibility continue coming to the office, working through a hybrid model or delivering results by working fully remote.

Health Insurance

We care for our people and make measures to safeguard their health. Hence, we at Kadel Labs offer the best health insurance policies to all our employees as well as their direct family members.

Growth Opportunities

We believe in growth! Thus, we create opportunities for employees who would like to further purse a certification or a degree. At times, we also sponsor these courses depending on how relevant it is to the job profile.

Internal Appraisals

We at Kadel Labs assess and appraise our employees at every interval. We have scheduled internal appraisals to ensure our people deliver the best outcomes and are also motivated at every stage, so that they excel at their jobs.

Team Building Events

Kadel Labs holds team building events as it improves productivity, increases employee motivation, encourages collaboration and builds associations. We believe it is also a great way to have fun at work!

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