Operationalize Your Idea with Kadel Labs Incubation Program

Offering You the Best Resources & Network
So That Your Idea Gains Momentum!

At Kadel Labs we enable the founders with a vision to become successful entrepreneurs. We partner with early-stage as well as growth-seeking ideas. We are committed to fostering an entrepreneurial network by providing a one-stop support system for ideas and transforming them into the next-big-thing through our
Idea Studio.

Our idea studio is an incubation program that aims at building several companies concurrently. We build the foundations for innovative ideas. We have split the program into various phases to maximise our impact and at the same time give ideas the flexibility to grow in the markets they are targeting.

We Build an Ecosystem of
Resources for Ideas

Program Structure

Ideate & Evaluate

We do the market evaluation on the idea ideas to understand the problem and come up with solutions to maximize growth potential.

Design & Engineer

Our engineering team and product designers give the product development process the push it requires and ensures that it is launch-ready.

Launch & Expand

Maximum traction with our systematic and planned roadmaps from marketing & sales plans to legal governance. We also help with product refinement, investor engagement and more!


Q. What is Idea Studio?

A Idea studio – also refereed as idea foundry, idea factory or venture studio is an organisation that builds businesses. We pick out of market-tested disruptive ideas and scale them using a pool of resources. In simple words, we create success stories for our ideas.

Q. What are the stages of this program?

Stage- 1
We Define

Problem Statement
Market Evaluation
Creating a Solution
Ensure Market Fitness

Stage- 2
We Design

Evaluate Product Design
GTM(Go-To-Market) Strategy
Recruit Potential Talent

Stage- 3
We Develop

Develop Functional Prototype
Testing and Modifying
Value Proposition
Developing Factors of ROI

Stage- 4
Launch & Expand

Create Marketing & Sales Plan
Legal, Governance, Strategies
Investor Engagement
Product Refinement Post-Launch

Q. How will my Idea benefit from Idea Studio?

Our Idea studio, allows entrepreneurs to take ideas to the next stage!
Our idea studio aims at building and nurturing ideas. We focus on the initial development stage to support businesses build and reach their goals.
We provide human resources to help ideas grow from ideation to investment-ready stage. Our idea studio helps catalyse business to turn an idea or a business plan into reality.

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