Our Startups

We love to incubate startups and nourish them till they cross a certain threshold and momentum to sustain on their own. Once the Busines unit is independent, we then look for Investors who would like to be associated with the startup and guide us for version 2.0 of the Business.

Here are the top promising startups under our labs.



A pure IT services play with focus on value through low cost and high-quality delivery. Building niche skills in areas of cloud computing and rapid business application development using AWS / Azure backbone. Read more at

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The startup focus is to provide a fully managed, cloud based, seamlessly integrated Telephony solution that can work with any CRM systems. And also provide low cost telephony solutions for call center businesses.

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RPA Developers

At rpa-developers, the focus is to build RPA center of excellence through closely-knit, smart and vetted developer community of dedicated RPA developers. The community talent to help in enabling corporations to quickly assemble RPA teams with the right skillsets for their Digital Transformation projects.

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Collabmeetings provide affordable options to host private collaboration & video conferencing solution privately on clients own infrastructure. This way, clients can maintain control of their data, Data never leaves geography shores and scale the installation to fit usage & not bleed to per-user license..

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